Imagine a world without rules, regulations and boundaries it means that any country can enter in any country’s border? Any person can kill the other person? Anybody can steal everybody’s property? So it will be a situation of chaos. Things are different we all are aware of the fact that law and order are not practiced properly everything Yes! There are some countries which are practicing and keeping a check on law and order situation religiously, but there are some countries which are unfortunate to handle the law and order situation of the country hence facing a miserable situation. Law and being a lawyer is something technical and respected reason behind this is to show the world that being a lawyer means take the custody of all the situations of the country and wherever there is a need of law enforcement, law practice, rules and regulations. Law has many types which are mentioned below:

Criminal lawyer: specifically related to crimes and there punishments, restraining the court against sentencing the person who is not guilty and there are so many other things which comes under the umbrella of criminal law. Murder, robbery, scam and every other thing which includes any mal practice or any inhuman act which can harm the other person or his /her property can be dealt under the terms of criminal law.

Corporate lawyer: corporate law is something related to something corporate, finance, marketing laws any company which is facing some mergers and acquisition crimes will be hiring corporate law. Corporate lawyers are not somebody who wears a black coat and creates arguments in the court room. Rather he/she is somebody who has a briefcase and in civil dress he/she handles things in a different way. Negotiation and creating a win win situation is something they figure out.

Labor lawyer: An issue which pertains to labor compensation, employee and other labor stuff are responsibility of labor lawyer. Labor lawyers are hired in order to take care of everything related to labor and their compensation benefits, rights and responsibilities. Labor lawyers are like heroes for the labor and for the benefits of their life (specifically their professional life).

Certainly there are so many other types of lawyers which can be mentioned here. But honestly things cannot be elaborated in such a short span of time especially when it comes to the factors and features of being a lawyer, law and everything else pertains to it. Law and lawyers are technical and everything related to them one must be knowledgeable enough to handle things like these. Law is something sensitive and one must not take it lightly. Go right here to find out more details.

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Facts About Law And Order

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